Compete DB Box Include

  1. distribution Box
  2. change over switch Rotary
  3. ac volt meter
  4. 125 amps dc breaker for battery
  5. 63/32 amps dc breaker for panels
  6. 40 amps Schneider ac breaker for main power
  7. Red, Green, Yellow color Indicator led


Medium Level Protection Distribution Box

  1. Xelent Distribution Box (ITC 333)
  2. Change over switch
  3. AC volt meter
  4. Ac Voltage Protector
  5. Schneider AC single pole breaker(40/63 amps)
  6. Schneider Dc breaker for panels (20/ 32 /63 amps)
  7. Schneider Dc breaker for battery (125/ 100 amps)
  8. Schneider Dc SPD (lightning surge protection)


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