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16A Universal Smart Plug – 3Pin

Simple yet mighty powerful device with scheduling capabilities configurable by Smartphone App (Android /iOS)- Compatible with Voice Assistants like google assistant, Alexa & IFTT. It can be used as a weekly and daily, countdown. Just Plug & Play can automate any electrical device hassle free. It’s a simple modular individual automation unit. Doesn’t require any additional wiring or hub. 1. Mobile Remote Control 2. Timing- Set Scheduled / Countdown /Loop  Timers To Turn On Off At Specfied Time 3. Countdown 4. Sharing 5.Notification 6.Voice Control 7.Remort On / Off From Any Where - Any Time 8.Smart Scene-Triggered On/Off By Temperature, Humidity Or Other Environmental Conditions 9.Sync Status-Real-Time Device Status Provided To App